Start off fresh in September

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September signals a time for a fresh start. September signals a time for a fresh start. Don’t get me wrong. I love summer, but September is an opportunity to begin again. September signals a time… View Full Post View Post

Previewing Prada’s Bespoke Shoe Collection

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I recently had the opportunity to preview Prada’s Bespoke shoe collection at Tyson’s Galleria in Washington, DC. The new Made To Order Décolleté collection is a very special opportunity for customers to design their own Prada… View Full Post View Post

Liven Up Your Hair This Spring

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As a busy consultant, blogger and fiancée planning a wedding, life can be busy.  Add in one daily commute into the heart of Washington, D.C. and a love of yoga and I am left with… View Full Post View Post

My new beauty routine with Clarins

I have a new beauty routine with Clarins and I couldn’t be happier with the positive results to my skin. Right now my skin is in that in-between stage; I need to protect it from the harsh… View Full Post View Post